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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 8 Number 3 September 1997


Nonmarket Imperialism in the Prehispanic Americas: The Inka Occupation of the Titicaca Basin
Charles Stanish


Early Formative Platforms at Paso de la Amada, Chiapas, Mexico
Richard G. Lesure

Classic to Postclassic at Ek Balam, Yucatán: Architectural and Ceramic Evidence for Defining the Transition
George J. Bey III, Craig A. Hanson, and William M. Ringle

Inka-Style Ceramics and Their Chronological Relationship to the Inka Expansion in the Southern Lake Titicaca Area (Bolivia)
Martti Pärssinen and Ari Siiriänen

Reviews and Book Notes


Aztec Imperial Strategies, by Francis F. Berdan, Richard Blanton, Elizabeth Hill Boone, Mary G. Hodge, Michael E. Smith, and Emily Umberger
Susan Toby Evans

The Managed Mosaic: Ancient Maya Agriculture and Resource Use, edited by Scott L. Fedick
Norman Hammond

Images from the Underworld: Naj Tunich and the Tradition of Maya Cave Painting, by Andrea J. Stone
Mary Pohl

Paths to Central American Prehistory, edited by Fredrick W. Lange
Michael J. Snarskis

Pyramids of Tucume: The Quest for Peru's Forgotten City, by Thor Heyerdahl, Daniel Sandweiss, and Alfredo Narvaez
A. M. Ulana Klymyshyn

Architecture and Power in the Ancient Andes: The Archaeology of Public Buildings, by Jerry D. Moore
Thomas Pozorski

Limatambo: Archaeology, History and the Regional Societies of Inca Cusco, by Ken Heffernan
Gordon McEwan

Astronomy and Empire in the Ancient Andes, by Brian S. Bauer and David S. P. Dearborn
R. Robert Robbins

Tiwanaku and Its Hinterland: Archaeology and Paleoecology of an Andean Civilization. Volume 1: Agroecology, edited by Alan L. Kolata
Christine Hastorf

Book Notes

The Aztecs, by Michael E. Smith
Fredric Hicks

Caciques and Their People: A Volume in Honor of Ronald Spores, edited by Joyce Marcus and Judith Francis Zeitlan
Joseph Whitecotton

Secrets in Stone: Yokes, Hachas and Palmas from Southern Mesoamerica, by Edwin M. Shook and Elayne Marquis
Jan McHargue

Art of the Andes: From Chavín to Inca, by Rebecca Stone-Miller
Alana Cordy-Collins