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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 8 Number 2 June 1997


Domestic Life and Vertical Integration in the Tiwanaku Heartland
Marc Bermann

The Narrative Approach to Moche Iconography
Jeffrey Quilter

Temprana complejidad funeraria de la cultural chinchorro (norte de Chile)
Vivien G. Standen

Reviews and Book Notes


In the Realm of 8 Deer: The Archaeology of the Mixtec Codices, by Bruce E. Byland and John M. D. Pohl
Stephen A. Kowalewski

Twin City Tales: A Hermeneutical Reassessment of Tula and Chichén Itzá, by Lindsay Jones
Richard A. Diehl

At the Edge of the World: Caves and Late Classic Maya World View, by Karen Bassie-Sweet
James E. Brady

Jalieza, Oaxaca: Activity Specialization at a Hilltop Center, by Laura Finsten
Kenneth G. Hirth

Economies and Polities in the Aztec Realm, edited by Mary G. Hodge and Michael E. Smith
Richard E. Blanton

Zapotec Civilization: How Urban Society Evolved in Mexico's Oaxaca Valley, by Joyce Marcus and Kent V. Flannery
George L. Cowgill

Brutality and Benevolence: Human Ethology, Culture, and the Birth of Mexico, by Abel A. Alves
Barbara J. Price

Chavín de Huántar. Excavaciones en la Galería de las Ofrendas, by Luis Guillermo Lumbreras
Richard L. Burger

Moche: Propuestas y Perspectivas, edited by Santiago Uceda and Elias Mujica
Jerry D. Moore

Beyond Death. The Chinchorro Mummies of Ancient Chile, by Bernardo T. Arriaza
Sonia E. Guillén

Book Notes

The Incas, by Nigel Davies
Brian S. Bauer

Historical Archaeology in Latin America, 5 vols, edited by Stanley South
Cristiana Barreto