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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 7 Number 4 December 1996


Central-Place Analyses in the La Entrada Region, Honduras: Implications for Understanding the Classic Maya Political and Economic Systems
Takeshi Inomata and Kazuo Aoyama

The Thorny Oyster and the Origins of Empire: Implications of Recently Uncovered Spondylus Imagery from Chan Chan, Peru
Joanne Pillsbury


Ventilated Hearth Structures in the Casma Valley, Peru
Thomas Pozorski and Shelia Pozorski

Early Agriculture in the Maya Lowlands
Mary D. Pohl, Kevin O. Pope, John G. Jones, John S. Jacob, Dolores R. Piperno, Susan deFrance, David L. Lentz, John A. Gifford, Marie E. Danforth, and J. Kathryn Josserand


Traces Behind the Esmeraldas Shore: Prehistory of the Santiago-Cayapas Region, Ecuador, by Warren R. DeBoerp;
James A. Zeidler

Creations of the Rainbow Serpent: Polychrome Ceramic Designs from Ancient Panama, by Mary Helms
John W. Hoopes

Die Architektur der Sepulturas-Region Von Copán in Honduras, by Hasso Hohmann
David Webster

Settlement and Politics in Three Classic Maya Polities, by Olivier de Montmollin
Deborah L. Nichols

Mortuary Practices and Skeletal Remains at Teotihuacán, by Martha L. Sempowski and Michael W. Spence
Robert Benfer

Book Notes

Las canteras de Mitla, Oaxaca: tecnología para la arquitectura monumental, by Nelly M. Robles García
Jean-Pierre Protzen