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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 7 Number 3 September 1996


Tiwanaku Settlement System: The Integration of Nested Hierarchies in the Lower Tiwanaky Valley
Juan Albarracin-Jordan

Sociopolitical Implications of a New Emblem Glyph and Place Name in Classic Maya Inscriptions
Joel W. Palka


Corporate Groups and Domestic Activities at Teotihuacan
Linda Manzanilla

Foodstuffs, Forests, Fields, and Shelter: A Paleoethnobotanical Analysis of Vessel Contents from the Cerén Site, El Salvador
David L. Lentz, Marilyn P. Beaudry-Corbett, Maria Luisa Reyna de Aguilar, and Lawrence Kaplan

Ceramic Seriation and Site Reoccupation in Lowland South America
Warren R. DeBoer, Keith Kintigh, and Arthur G. Rostoker


Pumpu: Centro administrativo inka de la puna de Junín, by Ramiro Matos Mendieta
Susan A. Niles

Vicus, by Krzysztof Makowski, Christopher Donnan, Ivan Amaro Bullon, Luis Jaime Castillo, Magdalena Diez Canseco, Otto Eléspuro Revoredo, and Juan Antonio Murro Mena
Ramiro Matos Mendieta

Historia general del Perú, edited by Jose Antonio del Busto Duthurburu
Tom Dillehay

Las Chacras de Coporaque: Andenería y riego en el Valley del Colca, by John M. Treacy and edited by Maria A. Benavides, Blenda Femenías, and William M. Denevan
David Guillet

Book Notes

Armas y herramientas de metal prehispánicas en Bolivia, by Eugene Friedrich Mayer
Juan Albarracin-Jordan

The Artifacts of Dzibilchaltun, Yucatan, Mexico: Shell, Polished Stone, Bone, Wood, and Ceramics, by Jennifer T. Taschek
James F. Garber

Ceramics and Artifacts from Excavations in the Copan Residential Zone, by Gordon R. Willey, Richard M. Leventhal, Arthur A. Demarest, and William L. Fash
AnnCorinne Freter