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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 7 Number 1 March 1996


Trace-element Analysis of Obsidian Sources and Artifacts of Central Chile (Maule River Basin) and Western Argentina (Colorado River)
Andrea Seelenfreund, Charles Rees, Roger Bird, Graham Bailey, Roberto Bárcena, and Victor Durán

Commodity or Gift: Teotihuacán Obsidian in the Maya Region
Michael W. Spence

Mid-Holocene Cultural Interaction between the North Coast of Peru and Ecuador
Daniel H. Sandweiss

A Mathematical Projection of Population Growth in the Copan Valley, Honduras, A.D. 400-800
Richard R. Paine, AnnCorinne Freter, and David L. Webster

Maya Multiples: Individuals, Entries, and Tombs in Structure A34 of Caracol, Belize
Diane Z. Chase and Arlen F. Chase


Royal Tombs of Sipán, by Walter Alva and Christopher B. Donnan
Steve Bourget

Pampa Grande and the Mochica Culture, by Izumi Shimada
Garth Bawden

Un sitio de Guangala Temprano en el suroeste del Ecuador, by Karen E. Stothert and Douglas H. Ubelaker
Ronald D. Lippi

Archaeology, Volcanism, and Remote Sensing in the Arenal Region, Costa Rica, edited by Payson D. Sheets and Brian R. McKee Mountains of Fire, Lands that Shake: Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions in the Historic Past of Central America (1505-1899), by Lawrence H. Feldman
Frederick W. Lange

Early Formative Pottery of the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico, by Kent V. Flannery and Joyce Marcus
Laura Finsten

Mixteca-Puebla: Discoveries and Research in Mesoamerican Art and Archaeology, edited by H. B. Nicholson and Eloise Quiñones Keber
Joyce Marcus

Arqueología del occidente de México: nuevas aportaciones, edited by Eduardo Williams and R. Novella Evolución de una civilización prehispánica: arqueología de Jalisco, Nayarit, y Zacatecas, by Phil C. Weigand El Michoacán antiguo, coordinated by Brigitte Boehm de Lameiras
Shirley Gorenstein

The Politics of Symbolism in the Mixtec Codices, by John M. D. Pohl
Mark B. King

Book Notes

The Indian in Spanish America: Centuries of Removal, Survival, and Integration. A Critical Anthology, Volume 1, by Jack J. Himelblau
Franklin Pease G. Y.

Book Review Comment

Response to Claude-François Baudez
Marilyn Beaudry-Corbett and John S. Henderson