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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 6 Number 4 December 1995


Glimpses of the Supernatural: Altered States of Consciousness and the Graffiti of Tikal, Guatemala
William A. Haviland and Anita de Laguna Haviland

Calakmul: New Data from an Ancient Maya Capital in Campeche, Mexico
William J. Folan, Joyce Marcus, Sophia Pincemin, Maria del Rosario Domínguez Carrasco, Laraine Fletcher, and Abel Morales López


Huaca de los Reyes Revisited: Clarification of the Archaeological Evidence
Thomas Pozorski

House of the Sun: The Inka Temple of Vilcanota
Johan Reinhard

A Dresden Codex Mars Table?
Bruce Love

Building J. at Monte Albán: A Correction and Reassessment of the Astronomical Hypothesis
Damon E. Peeler and Marcus Winter


Inka Storage Systems, edited by Terry Y. LeVine
Catherine Julien

Arqueología de cazadores-recolectores: l¡mites, casos y aperturas, compiled by Jose Luis Lanata and Luis Alberto Borrero
Juan V. Albarracin-Jordan

Inca Cosmology and the Human Body, by Constance Classen
Colin Gomez

Praehistoria No. 1, by Revista del Programa de Estudios Prehistóricos (Argentina)
Alan L. Bryan

Ancient South America, by Karen Olsen Bruhns
Thomas F. Lynch

Regional Archaeology in Northern Manabí, Ecuador, Volume 1: Environment, Cultural Chronology, and Prehistoric Subsistence in the Jama River Valley, edited by James A. Zeidler and Deborah M. Pearsall
Karen E. Stothert

Maya History, by Tatiana Proskouriakoff and edited by Rosemary Joyce
Clemency Chase Coggins

The Drawings of Sahagún's Primeros Memoriales Structure and Style, by Ellen T. Baird
Dana Leibsohn

Culture and Contact: Charles C. DiPeso's Gran Chichimeca, edited by Anne I. Woosley and John C. Ravesloot
Michael S. Foster

Book Notes

El Proyecto Michoacán 1983-1987: medio ambiente e introducción a los trabajos arqueológicos, edited by Dominique Michelet
Helen Perlstein Pollard