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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 6 Number 1 March 1995


Exchange Implications of Obsidian Source Analysis from the Lower Rio Verde Valley, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Arthur A. Joyce, J. Michael Elam, Michael D. Glascock, Hector Neff, and Marcus Winter

Land Evaluation and Ancient Maya Land Use in the Upper Belize River Area, Belize, Central America.
Scott L. Fedick

Chinchorro Bioarchaeology: Chronology and Mummy Seriation.
Bernardo T. Arriaza

New Chronometric Dates for the Puquios of Nasca, Peru.
Persis B. Clarkson and Ronald I. Dorn

Marine Shell Bead Production and the Role of Domestic Craft Activities in the Economy of the Guangala Phase, Southwest Ecuador.
Maria A. Masucci