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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 5 Number 3 September 1994


Flakes to Blades? Middle Formative Development of Obsidian Artifacts in the Upper Belize River Valley.
Jaime Awe and Paul F. Healy

Stature Change in Prehistoric May of the Southern Lowlands.
Marie Elaine Danforth

A Late Archaic Period Burial from the South-Central Andean Coast.
Karen Wise, Niki R. Clark, and Sloan R. Williams

An Initial Consideration of Obsidian Procurement and Exchange in Prehispanic Ecuador.
Richard L. Burger, Frank Asaro, Helen V. Michel, Fred H. Stross, and Ernesto Salazar

Ecuadorian Obsidian Sources Used for Artifact Production and Methods for Provenience Assignments.
Frank Asaro, Ernesto Salazar, Helen V. Michel, Richard L. Burger, and Fred H. Stross