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Volume 20 Number 4 December 2009


The Terminal Formative to Classic Period Obsidian Assemblage at Palo Errado, Veracruz, Mexico
Charles L. F. Knight and Michael D. Glascock

Settlement, Environment, and Politics in the San Bartolo-Xultun Territory, El Peten, Guatemala
Thomas Garrison and Nicholas P. Dunning

Bracketing the Copan Dynasty: Late Preclassic and Early Postclassic Settlements at Copan, Honduras
T. Kam Manahan and Marcello A. Canuto

Survival and Revival of Terminal Classic Traditions at Postclassic Mayapán
Susan Milbrath and Carlos Peraza Lope

The Exploitation of Aquatic Resources at Lake Cuitzeo, Michoacán, Mexico: An Ethnoarchaeological Study
Eduardo Williams

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