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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 1 Number 2 June 1990


Some Formal Correspondences Between the Imperial Architecture of the Wari and Chimu Cultures of Ancient Peru.
Gordon F. McEwan

The Productivity of Maguey Terrace Agriculture in Central Mexico During the Aztec Period.
Susan T. Evans

Restos Humanos Asociados a la Piramide de Akapana (Tiwanaku, Bolivia).
Linda Manzanilla y Eric Woodward

Differential Bone-Refuse Accumulation in Food-Preparation and Traffic Areas on an Early Ecuadorian House Floor.
Peter W. Stahl and James A. Zeidler

Ancient and Modern Maya Exploitation of the Jute Snail (Pachychilus).
Peter F. Healy, Kitty Emery, and Lori E. Wright