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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 18 Number 4 December 2007


In Search of an Ancient Maya Market
Bruce H. Dahlin, Christopher T. Jensen, Richard E. Terry, David R. Wright, and Timothy Beach

Ancient Settlement, Urban Gardening, and Environment in the Gulf Lowlands of Mexico
Barbara L. Stark and Alanna Ossa

Classic Maya Temples, Politics, and the Voice of the People
Lisa J. Lucero


Sources of Imported Obsidian at Postclassic Sites in the Yautepec Valley, Morelos: a Characterization Study Using XRF and INAA
Michael E. Smith, Adrian L. Burke, Timothy S. Hare, and Michael D. Glascock

Sometimes a “Stove” Is “Just A Stove”: A Context-Based Reconsideration of Three-Prong “Incense Burners” From The Western Belize Valley
Joseph W. Ball and Jennifer T. Taschek


Coastal Collectors in the Holocene, the Chantuto People of Southwest Mexico, by Barbara Voorhies
Suzannne K. Fish

Cultural Landscapes in the Ancient Andes: Archaeologies of Place, by Jerry D. Moore
Stephen Houston

Postclassic Soconusco Society: The Late Prehistory of the Coast of Chiapas, Mexico, by Barbara Voorhies and Janine Gasco
Deborah L. Nichols

Moche Art and Archaeology in Ancient Peru, edited by Joanne Pillsbury
Richard Burger

The Maya, by Michael D. Coe
Eugenia Robinson