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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 16 Number 2 June 2005


Wild or Domesticated? Camelids in Early Formative Rock Art of the Atacama Desert (Northern Chile)
Francisco Gallardo and Hugo Yacobaccio

Planting the Bones: Hunting Ceremonialism at Contemporary and Nineteenth-Century Shrines in the Guatemalan Highlands
Linda A. Brown

Khipu Archives: Duplicate Accounts and Identity Labels in the Inka Knotted String Records 
Gary Urton


The Viejo Period of Chihuahua Culture in Northwesern Mexico 
Joe D. Stewart, Jane H. Kelley, A. C. MacWilliams, and Paula J. Reimer

Detecting "Invisible" Dwellings in the Maya Area Using Electromagnetic Induction: Significant Findings of a Pilot Study at Chau Hiix, Belize
Tracy L. Sweely


More on Mesoamerican Cosmology and City Plans 
Ivan Šprajc

Did the Maya Build Architectural Cosmograms?
Michael E. Smith


The Fall of the Ancient Maya: Solving the Mystery of the Maya Collapse, by David Webster
Traci Ardren

Gold and Power in Ancient Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia, edited by Jeffrey Quilter and John W. Hoopes
Frederick W. Lange

Domestic Ritual in Ancient Mesoamerica, edited by Patricia Plunket
Julia A. Hendon