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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 13 Number 3 September 2002


Houses on a Hill: Classic Period Life at El Palmillo, Oaxaca, Mexico
Gary M. Feinman, Linda M. Nicholas, and Helen R. Haines

Feasting and Ancestor Veneration at Chinchawas, North Highlands of Ancash, Peru
George F. Lau

Domestic and Political Lives of Classic Maya Elites: The Excavation of Rapidly Abandoned Structures at Aguateca, Guatemala
Takeshi Inomata, Daniela Triadan, Erick Ponciano, Estela Pinto, Richard E. Terry, and Markus Eberl


Soil Chemical Analysis of Ancient Activities in Cerén, El Salvador: A Case Study of a Rapidly Abandoned Site
J. Jacob Parnell, Richard E. Terry, and Payson Sheets

The Potential Role of Small Depressions as Water Storage Features in the Central Maya Lowlands
Estella Weiss-Krejci and Thomas Sabbas


The Protoclassic in the Maya Lowlands, edited by Duncan Pring
T. Patrick Culbert

Classic Period Mixtequilla: Diachronic Inferences From Residential Investigations, edited by Barbara L. Stark
Antje Gunsenheimer

Estudios cerámicos en el occidente y norte de México, edited by Eduardo Williams and Phil C. Weigand
Catherine Liot and Susana Ramírez Urre

Prehispanic Settlement Patterns in the Upper Mantaro and Tarma Drainages, Junín, Peru. Volume 1, Parts 1 and 2, The Tarama-Chinchaycocha Region, by Jeffrey R. Parsons, Charles M. Hastings, and Ramiro Matos M.
Richard L. Burger

Prehispanic Chiefdoms in the Valle de la Plata, Volume 4: Vertical Economy, Interchange, and Social Change During the Formative Period / Cacicazgos Prehispánicos del Valle de la Plata, Tomo 4: Economía Vertical, Intercambio, y Cambio Social durante el Período Formativo, by Dale W. Quattrin
Robert Rosenswig

Caminos Precolombinos: las vías, los ingenieros y los viajeros, edited by Leonor Herrera and Marianne Cardale De Schrimpff
John R. Topic

Island Lives: Historical Archaeologies of the Caribbean, edited by Paul Farnsworth
Kathleen A. Deagan