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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 12 Number 1 March 2001


Beginnings of Village Life in Eastern Mesoamerica
Rosemary A. Joyce and John S. Henderson

Volcanism, Ecology, and Culture: A Reassessment of the Volcán Ilopango TBJ Eruption in the Southern Maya Realm
Robert A. Dull, John R. Southon, and Payson Sheets

Majolica in the Early Colonial Andes: The Role of Panamanian Wares
Ross W. Jamieson


El desarrollo cultural en el valle de Azapa, extremo norte de Chile y suvinculación con los desplazamientos poblacionales altiplánicos
Francisco Rothhammer y Calogero M. Santoro

Cerro Baúl: A Wari Center on the Tiwanaku Frontier
Patrick Ryan Williams


Genetic Evidence and the Origin of Maize
Jeff Bennetzen, Edward Buckler, Vicki Chandler, John Doebley, Jane Dorweiler, Brandon Gaut, Michael Freeling, Sarah Hake, Elizabeth Kellogg, R. Scott Poethig, Virginia Walbot, and Susan Wessler

Validity of AMS Dates on Maize from the Tehuacán Valley: A Comment on MacNeish And Eubanks
Austin Long and Gayle J. Fritz

An Interdisciplinary Perspective on the Origin of Maize
Mary W. Eubanks

A Response to Long's Radiocarbon Determinations That Attempt to Put Acceptable Chronology on the Fritz
Richard S. MacNeish

Reviews and Book Notes

Book Review Essays

Climatic Change and the Classic Maya Collapse: The Return of Catastrophism
Arthur A. Demarest

Tropical Frontiers
Ann Cyphers


The Curassow's Crest: Myths and Symbols in the Ceramics of Ancient Panama, by Mary W. Helms
Warren DeBoer

Crafts, Capitalism, and Women: The Potters of La Chamba, Colombia, by Ronald J. Duncan
Cathy L. Costin

The Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas. Volume II, Mesoamerica, part 1, edited by Richard W. E. Adams and Murdo J. Macleod
Stephen D. Houston

Living With the Ancestors: Kinship and Kingship in Ancient Maya Society, by Patricia A. McAnany
William L. Rathje

Reconstructing Ancient Maya Diet, edited by Christine D. White
Lynette Norr

Cerámica de la fase Xoo (Epoca Monte Albán IIIB-IV) del Valle de Oaxaca, by Cira Martínez Lopez, Robert Markens, Marcus Winter, and Michael D. Lind
Arthur A. Joyce

Anales de Tlatelolco: Los manuscritos 22 y 22bis de la Bibliothèque de France, by Susanne Klaus
Michel Oudijk

Sociocultural Evolution: Calculation and Contingency, by Bruce Trigger
Marilyn A. Masson

Book Notes

Ancient Civilizations of Mexico and Central America, by Herbert J. Spinden
Donald E. McVicker

Sacred Monkey River: A Canoe Trip with the Gods, by Christopher Shaw
Stephen D. Houston

Itzaj Maya Grammar, by Charles Andrew Hofling.
John Justeson