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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 11 Number 4 December 2000


From Discard to Divination: Demarcating the Sacred Through the Collection and Curation of Discarded Objects
Linda A. Brown

Exotic Goods and Everyday Chiefs: Long-Distance Exchange and Indigenous Sociopolitical Development in the South Central Andes
Paul S. Goldstein

The Body Context: Interpreting Early Nasca Decapitated Burials
Lisa DeLeonardis


Wari Ritual Power at Conchopata: An Interpretation of Anadenanthera colubrina Iconography
Patricia J. Knobloch

Astronomical Alignments at Teotihuacan
Ivan Šprajc

Reviews and Book Notes

Book Review Essay

Ancient Maya Chronicles and Modern Academic Positioning
Dorie Reents-Budet

The Lost Chronicles of the Maya Kings, by David Drew

Book Reviews

Stories in Red and Black: Pictorial Histories of the Aztec and Mixtec, by Elizabeth H. Boone
Jeanette Peterson

Xipe Totec, Notre Seigneur l'Écorché: Étude Glyphique d'un Dieu Aztèque, by Anne-Marie Vié-Wohrer
Juan José Batalla Rosado

El Códice de Tepoztlan: Imagen de un pueblo resistente, by Gordon Brotherston; Mexican Codices and Archeology (special issue), by Gordon Brotherston; and Footprints through Time: Mexican Pictorial Manuscripts at the Lilly Library, by Gordon Brotherston
Michael Schreffler

Historiography of the Bènizàa: The Postclassic and Early Colonial Periods (1000-600 A.D.), by Michel Oudijk
José Luis de Rojas

The Book of Chilam Balam of Na: Facsimile, Translation, and Edited Text, edited by Ruth Gubler and David Bolles
Antje Gunsenheimer

Star Gods of the Maya: Astronomy in Art, Folklore, and Calendars, by Susan Milbrath
Gabrielle Vail

Venus, lluvia y maíz: Simbolismo y astronomía en la cosmovisión mesoamericana, by Ivan Šprajc
Matthew Looper

Pulltrouser Swamp, A Lowland Maya Community Cluster in Northern Belize: The Settlement Maps, by Peter D. Harrison and Robert E. Fry
Richard E. W. Adams

Das mathematische Weltbild der Maya, by Andrea C. Schalley
Ute Schüren

The Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas. Volume II, Mesoamerica, part 2, edited by Richard E. W. Adams and Murdo J. Macleod
Matthew Restall

Inca Myths, by Gary Urton
Terence D'Altroy

Sed Non Satiata: Teoría Social en la Arqueología Latinoamericana Contemporánea, edited by Andrés Zarankin and Félix A. Acuto
Augusto Oyuela-Caycedo

Complex Polities in the Ancient Tropical World, edited by Elisabeth A. Bacus and Lisa J. Lucero
Ruth Fauman-Fichman

Book Notes

Human Impact on Ancient Environments, by Charles L. Redman
Clark L. Erickson

The Aztecs, by Richard F. Townsend
Gordon Whittaker

Aztec Ceremonial Landscapes, by Davíd Carrasco
Gordon Whittaker

Excavaciones en la Catedral y el Sagrario Metropolitanos: Programa de arqueología urbana, edited by Eduardo Matos Moctezuma
Michael E. Smith

The Xilixana Yanomami of the Amazon: History, Social Structure, and Population Dynamics, by John D. Early and John F. Peters
Neil L. Whitehead