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 Latin American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 10 Number 1 March 1999


The Ring Villages of Central Brazil: A Challenge for Amazonian Archaeology
Irmhild Wüst and Cristiana Barreto

New Approaches to Ceramic Use and Discard: Cooking Pottery from the Peruvian Andes in Ethnoarchaeological Perspective
John A. Hildebrand and Melissa B. Hagstrum


New Evidence on Jaguar Paw, a Ruler from Calakmul
Ramón Carrasco Vargas, Sylviane Boucher, Paula Alvarez González, Vera Tiesler Blos, Valeria García Vierna, Renata García Moreno, and Javier Vázquez Negrete

Modified Human Skulls from the Urban Sector of the Pyramids of Moche, Northern Peru
John W. Verano, Santiago Uceda, Claude Chapdelaine, Ricardo Tello, María Isabel Paredes, and Victor Pimentel

Determining the Function of One of the New World's Earliest Pottery Assemblages: The Case of San Jacinto, Columbia
Jo Ann F. Pratt


Styles and State Formations
Gordon R. Willey


Ancient West Mexico: Art and Archaeology of the Unknown Past, edited by Richard Townsend
Helen Perlstein Pollard

Daily Life of the Aztecs: People of the Sun and Earth, by David Caamsco with Scott Sessions
Thomas H. Charlton

Pottery Ethnoarchaeology in the Centril Maya Highlands, by Michael Deal
Dean A. Arnold

La Perspectiva Espacial en Arqueología, by Claudia Barros and Javier Nastri
Carl Henrik Langeback

Montane Foragers: Asana and the South-Central Andean Archaic, by Mark S. Aldenderfer
Bruce Winterhalder