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  “Formed from the Earth at That Place:” The Material Side of Community at Poverty Point Minimize

Jon L. Gibson


Fisher-hunter-gatherers built the large earthwork at Poverty Point ca. 3500 cal. B.P. Based on the massive quantities of exotic rock and construction regularities with earlier regional mound complexes, Kenneth Sassaman proposes that builders were a cosmopolitan multiethnic collective with geographically extensive origins. Close examination of Poverty Point’s goods fails to support his multiethnic model and suggests that a local communal structure prevailed in Poverty Point’s homeland.


Pescadores-cazadores-recolectores construyeron los grandes montículos en Poverty Point ca. 3500 B.P. Basado en las cantidades masivas de roca exótica y regularidades constructivas de complejos regionales de montículos más tempranos, Kenneth Sassaman propone que los constructores fueron un colectivo cosmopolita y multiétnico con orígenes geográficamente extensos. Un examen fino de los efectos de Poverty Point no apoya su patrón multiétnico y sugiere que una estructura local y comunal prevaleció en la tierra natal de Poverty Point.