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Volume 72 Number 2 April 2007


Credit Where Credit Is Due: The History of the Chumash Oceangoing Plank Canoe
Jeanne E. Arnold

Performing the Feast: Visual Display and Suprahousehold Commensalism in the Puebloan Southwest
Barbara J. Mills

Empirical Bayesian Methods for Archaeological Survey Data: An Application from the Mesa Verde Region
Scott G. Ortman, March D. Varien, and T. Lee Gripp

Historical Ecology in the Mesa Verde Region: Results from the Village Ecodynamics Project
Mark D. Varien, Scott G. Ortman, Timothy A. Kohler, Donna M. Glowacki, and C. David Johnson


The Stable- and Radio-Isotope Chemistry of Western Basketmaker Burials: Implications for Early Puebloan Diets and Origins
Joan Brenner Coltrain, Joel C. Janetski, and Shawn W. Carlyle

Archaeological Survey Design, Units of Observation, and the Characterization of Regional Variability
Alan P. Sullivan, III, Philip B. Mink, II, and Patrick M. Uphus

Bifacial Cores and Flake Production Eficiency: An Experimental Test of Technological Assumptions
Mary M. Prasciunas


Man the Showoff? Or The Ascendance of a Just-So-Story: A Comment on Recent Applications of Costly Signaling Theory in American Archaeology
Brian F. Codding and Terry L. Jones

Costly Signaling and the Ascendance of No-Can-Do Archaeology: A Reply to Codding and Jones
Kelly R. McGuire, William R. Hildebrandt, and Kimberly L. Carpenter

Bonfire Shelter: A Jumping Off Point for Comments for Byerly Et Al.
Leland C. Bement

A Further Assessment of Paleoindian Site-Use at Bonfire Shelter
Ryan M. Byerly, Judith R. Cooper, David J. Meltzer, Matthew E. Hill, and Jason M. LaBelle

Book Review Essay

California Archaeology: Alive And Well
William R. Hildebrandt

Before California: An Archaeologist Looks at Our Earliest Inhabitants, by Brian Fagan
Prehistoric California: Archaeology and the Myth Of Paradise, edited by L. Mark Raab and Terry L. Jones
Prehistoric Human Ecology of the Big Sur Coast, California, by Terry L. Jones
Foundations of Chumash Complexity, edited by Jeanne E. Arnold
The Island Chumash: Behavioral Ecology of a Martime Society, by Douglas J. Kennett

Culture and Ecology of Chaco Canyon and the San Juan Basin, by Frances Joan Mathien
John Kantner

Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points of California and the Great Basin, by Noel D. Justice; and Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points of the Southwestern United States, by Noel D. Justice
Robert M. Yohe II