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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 71 Number 1 January 2006


Sympathetic Magic in Western North American Rock Art
James D. Keyser and David S. Whitley

Midden Ceramic Assemblage Formation: A Case Study from Kalinga, Philippines
Margaret E. Beck

Gender in Middle Range Societies: A Case Study in Casas Grandes Iconography
Christine S. VanPool and Todd L. VanPool

Toward an Understanding of Borderland Processes
Bradley J. Parker


Late Pleistocene Horse Hunting at the Wally’s Beach Site (DhPg-8), Canada
B. Kooyman, L.V. Hills, P. McNeil, and S. Tolman

Early Storage and Sedentism on the Pacific Northwest Coast: Ancient DNA Analysis of Salmon Remains from Namu, British Columbia
Aubrey Cannon and Dongya Y. Yang


Dating and Explaining Soapstone Vessels: A Comment On Truncer
Kenneth E. Sassaman

Taking Variation Seriously: The Case of Steatite Vessel Manufacture
James Truncer

Tasmanian Knowledge and Skill: Maladaptive Imitation or Adequate Technology?
Dwight Read


Evolutionism in Cultural Anthropology: A Critical History, by Robert L. Carniero
Randall H. McGuire

Traditions, Transitions and Technologies: Themes in Southwestern Archaeology, edited by Sarah H. Schlanger; and Sandals from Coahuila Caves, by Walter W. Taylor
Maxine McBrinn

The First Americans, edited by Nina G. Jablonski; and The First Americans, by James M. Adovasio with Jake Page
Bruce B. Huckell

Iroquoia: The Development of a Native World, by William Engelbrecht
Dean R. Snow

Private Life in New Kingdom Egypt, by Lynn Meskell
Kathryn A. Bard