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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 70 Number 4 October 2005


On Bonfire Shelter (Texas) as a Paleoindian Bison Jump: An Assessment Using GIS and Zooarchaeology
Ryan M. Byerly, Judith R. Cooper, David J. Meltzer, Matthew E. Hill, and Jason M. LaBelle

Watson Brake, a Middle Archaic Mound Complex in Northeast Louisiana
Joe W. Saunders, Rolfe D. Mandel, C. Garth Sampson, Charles M. Allen, E. Thurman Allen, Daniel A. Bush, James K. Feathers, Kristen J. Gremillion, C. T. Hallmark, H. Edwin Jackson, Jay K. Johnson, Reca Jones, Roger T. Saucier, Gary L. Stringer, and Malcolm F. Vidrine

Long-Distance Logistic Mobility as an Organizing Principle among Northern Hunter-Gatherers: A Great Lakes Middle Holocene Settlement System
William A. Lovis, Randolph E. Donahue, and Margaret B. Holman

Re-Thinking Great Basin Foragers: Prestige Hunting and Costly Signaling during the Middle Archaic Period
Kelly R. McGuire and William R. Hildebrandt

Middle and Late Holocene Hunting in the Great Basin: A Critical Review of the Debate and Future Prospects
Bryan Hockett

Beyond Water Harvesting: A Soil Hydrology Perspective on Traditional Southwestern Agricultural Technology
Steven Dominguez and Kenneth E. Kolm


Resolving an Anomolous Radiocarbon Determination on Mastodon Bone from Monte Verde, Chile
Debra George, John Southon, and R. E. Taylor

Dates Are Not Just Data: Paleolithic Settlement Patterns in Siberia Derived from Radiocarbon Records
Yaroslav V. Kuzmin and Susan G. Keates


America before the European Invasions, by Alice Beck Kehoe
James Schoenwetter

From Folsom to Fogelson: The Cultural Resources Inventory Survey of Pecos National Historical Park: Volume 1 and Volume 2, edited by Genevieve N. Head and Janet D. Orcutt
Eden A. Welker

Theory, Method, and Practice in Modern Archaeology, by Robert J. Jeske and Douglas Charles; and Archaeological Theory and Scientific Practice, by Andrew Jones
Arthur A. Joyce