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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 67 Number 4 October 2002


Placing Archaeology at the Center of Socio-Natural Studies
Sander van der Leeuw and Charles L. Redman


War in the Southwest, War in the World
Stephen H. Lekson

The Vacant Quarter Revisited: Late Mississippian Abandonment of the Lower Ohio Valley
Charles R. Cobb and Brian M. Butler


The Analysis of Cutmarks on Archaeofauna: A Review and Critique of Quantification Procedures, and a New Image-Analysis GIS Approach
Yoshiko Abe, Curtis W. Marean, Peter J. Nilssen, Zelalem Assefa, and Elizabeth Stone

Early Irrigation on the Colorado Plateau near Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico
Jonathan E. Damp, Stephen A. Hall, and Susan J. Smith

Sacred Earthen Architecture in the Northern Southwest: The Bluff Great House Berm
Catherine M. Cameron

Olivella Beads from Spiro and the Plains
Laura Kozuch

Specialized Ground Stone Production in the Casas Grandes Region of Northern Chihuahua, Mexico
Todd L. VanPool and Robert D. Leonard

On the Spur of the Moment: Effects of Age and Experience on Hafted Stone Scraper Morphology
Kathryn J. Weedman

White-Tailed Deer Meat and Marrow Return Rates and Their Application to Eastern Woodlands Archaeology
T. Cregg Madrigal and Julie Zimmermann Holt


Mortuary Ambiguity: The Ventureño Chumash Case
Jeanne E. Arnold and Terisa M. Green

Further Considerations on the Emergence of Chumash Chiefdoms
Lynn H. Gamble, Phillip L. Walker, and Glenn S. Russell

Reviews and Book Notes

The Archaeology of Regional Interaction: Religion, Warfare & Exchange across the American Southwest and Beyond, edited by Michelle Hegmon
K. Renee Barlow

The Archaeology of Traditions: Agency and History Before and After Columbus, edited by Timothy R. Pauketat
Joseph Becker

The Ancient Mounds of Poverty Point: Place of Rings, by Jon L. Gibson
Claudine Payne

The Exploitation of Plant Resources in Ancient Africa, by Marijke Van Der Veen
Steven Brandt

Communicating Archaeology, edited by John Beavis and Alan Hunt; The Archaeology Education Handbook: Sharing the Past with Kids, edited by Karolyn Smardz and Shelley J. Smith; Exploring the Past, edited by James M. Bayman and Miriam T. Stark; and Meeting Anthropology Phase to Phase, by Robert B. Garber, Randall R. Skelton, Ralph M. Rowlett, Ronald Kephart, and Susan L. Brown
Robert Brooks

Ceramics and Community Organization among the Hohokam, by David R. Abbott
Patricia Cook

The Zimbabwe Culture: Origins and Decline of Southern Zambezian States, by Innocent Pikirayi
James Denbow

Towards Reflexive Method in Archaeology: The Example at Çatalhöyük, edited by Ian Hodder
Owen Doonan

Ruins and Rivals: The Making of Southwest Archaeology, by James E. Snead; and A Laboratory for Anthropology: Science and Romanticism in the American Southwest, 1846-1930, by Don D. Fowler
Brian Fagan

Social Theory in Archaeology, edited by Michael Brian Schiffer; and Anthropological Perspectives on Technology, edited by Michael Brian Schiffer
Ben Fitzhugh

Fisherfolk, Farmers, and Frenchmen: Archaeological Explorations on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, by John H. Blitz and C. Baxter Mann
Arlene Fradkin

Intermountain Archaeology, edited by David B. Madsen and Michael D. Metcalf
Patrick Hogan