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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 67 Number 3 July 2002


Archaeology and Oral Tradition: The Scientific Importance of Dialogue
Peter M. Whiteley


The Origins of the Village Revisited: From Nuclear to Extended Households
Kent V. Flannery

Evidence and Metaphor in Evolutionary Archaeology
Douglas B. Bamforth

Climate and Diet in Fremont Prehistory: Economic Variability and Abandonment of Maize Agriculture in the Great Salt Lake Basin
Joan Brenner Coltrain and Steven W. Leavitt

The Archaeology and Taphonomy of Violence at Castle Rock and Sand Canyon Pueblos, Southwestern Colorado
Kristin A. Kuckelman, Ricky R. Lightfoot, and Debra L. Martin

Landscapes of War: Rules and Conventions of Conflict in Ancient Hawaii (and Elsewhere)
Michael J. Kolb and Boyd Dixon


Measuring Sedentariness and Settlement Population: Accumulations Research in the Middle Atlantic Region
Martin D. Gallivan

The Ball-on-three-ball Test for Tensile Strength: Refined Methodology and Results for Three Hohokam Ceramic Types
Margaret E. Beck


An Archeological Survey of Natural Bridges National Monument, Southeastern Utah, edited by Janet L. Mcvickar
Larry L. Leach

The Archaeology of the Snake River Plain, by Mark G. Plew
Robert Lee Sappington

The Archaeology of the Wadi Al-Hasa, West-Central Jordan, Volume 1: Surveys, Settlement Patterns and Paleoenvironments, edited by Nancy R. Coinman; and The Archaeology of the Wadi Al-Hasa, West-Central Jordan, Volume 2: Excavations at Middle Upper and Epipaleolithic Sites, edited by Nancy R. Coinman
Mary G. Ziadeh-Seely

Arctic Archaeology (World Archaeology 30[3]), edited by Peter Rowley-Conwy
William Workman

Behind Painted Walls: Incidents in Southwestern Archaeology, by Florence C. Lister
Lynne Sebastian

The Birth of the Gods and the Origins of Agriculture, by Jacques Cauvin
Robert L. Carneiro

Casas Grandes and Its Hinterland: Prehistoric Regional Organization in Northwest Mexico, by Michael E. Whalen and Paul E. Minnis
Sarah A. Herr

Coins and Power in Late Iron Age Britain, by John Creighton
Celeste Ray

Cultures Before Contact: The Late Prehistory of Ohio and Surrounding Regions, edited by Robert A. Genheimer
Andrew C. Fortier

Denver: An Archaeological History, by Sarah M. Nelson with K. Lynn Berry, Richard F. Carrillo, Bonnie J. Clark, Lori E. Rhodes, and Dean Saitta
Frank W. Eddy

Dream Spaces: Memory and the Museum, by Gaynor Kavanagh
David Gregg

Ethnobotany: A Reader, edited by Paul E. Minnis
Vaughn M. Bryant

European Societies in the Bronze Age, by F. Harding
P. Nick Kardulias

Fragmentation in Archaeology. People, Places and Broken Objects in the Prehistory of South Eastern Europe, by John Chapman
Peter Bogucki

The Future of Surface Artefact Survey in Europe, edited by John L. Bintliff, Martin Kuna, And Natalie Venclová
Brian Adams

Hierarchies in Action: Cui Bono? edited by Michael W. Diehl
Lynn H. Gamble

Human Beginnings in South Africa: Uncovering the Secrets of the Stone Age, by H. J. Deacon and Janette Deacon
Stanley H. Ambrose

Making Early Histories in Museum, by Nick Merriman
Elizabeth Kryder-Reid

Geoarchaeolgy in the Great Plains, edited by Rolfe D. Mandel Dennis L. Toom Le Bison: Gibier et moyen de subsistance des hommes du Paléothihique aux Paléoindiens des Grandes Plaines (Actes du Colloque Internatiional, Toulouse, 6-10 juin, 1995), edited by Jean-Philip Brugal, Francine David, James G. Enloe and Jacques Joubert; and Bison Hunters of the Western Prairies: Archaeological Investigations at the Dixon Site (13WD8), Woodbury County, Iowa, edited by Richard L. Fishel
John A. Walthall

Assessing Site Significance: A Guide for Archaeologists and Historians, by Donald L. Hardesty and Barbara J. Little
Judith Francis Zeitlin