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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 67 Number 1 January 2002


The Folsom (Paleoindian) Type Site: Past Investigations, Current Studies
David J. Meltzer, Lawrence C. Todd, and Vance T. Holliday

Conflict, Trade, and Political Development on the Southern Plains
Susan C. Vehik

Predicting Maize Agriculture among the Fremont: An Economic Comparison of Farming and Foraging in the American Southwest
K. Renee Barlow


Mapping Poverty Point
Tristram R. Kidder

Mesoamerican Origin for an Obsidian Scraper from the Precolumbian Southeastern United States
Alex W. Barker, Craig E. Skinner, M. Steven Shackley, Michael D. Glascock, and J. Daniel Rogers

Kautantouwit's Legacy: Calibrated Dates on Prehistoric Maize in New England
Elizabeth A. Little

Lava, Corn, and Ritual in the Northern Southwest
Mark D. Elson, Michael H. Ort, S. Jerome Hesse, and Wendell A. Duffield

Evaluation of Painted Pottery from the Mesa Verde Region using Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass-Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS)
Robert J. Speakman and Hector Neff

Correspondence in Tree-Ring Dating and Thermoluminescence Dating: A Protohistoric Navajo Pilot Study
Douglas D. Dykeman, Ronald H. Towner, and James K. Feathers

Book Review Essay

Expanding the Archaeological Imagination
Margaret W. Conkey

  • Death by Theory: A Tale of Mystery and Archaeological Theory, by Adrian Praetzellis
  • Spirit Bird Journey, by Sarah Milledge Nelson
  • National Treasure, by Peter Bleed


L'Abri du Pape: Bivouacs, Burials and Retreats Along the Upper Belgian Meuse: From the Mesolithic to the Low Roman Empire, Prepared under the direction of J-m. Leotard, L. G. Straus, and M. Otte
Alan McPherron

Adventures in the Bone Trade: The Race to Discover Human Ancestors in Ethiopia's Afar Depression, by Jon Kalb
C. Loring Brace

America's Past, America's Present: Genes and Languages in the Americas and Beyond, edited by Colin Renfrew
Tom D. Dillehay

An Archaeology of Natural Places, by Richard Bradley
Nerissa Russell

An Introduction to the Study of Southwestern Archaeology, by Alfred Vincent Kidder
Julia C. Lowell

Anasazi America: Seventeen Centuries on the Road from Center Place, by David E. Stuart
Stephen H. Lekson

Assembling the Past: Studies in the Professionalization of Archaeology, edited Alice B. Kehoe and Mary Beth Emmerichs
Patty Jo Watson

Biogeochemical Approaches to Paleodietary Analysis, edited by Stanley H. Ambrose and M. Anne Katzenberg
Tosha L. Dupras

Bones, Boats and Bison: Archeology and the First Colonization of Western North America, by E. James Dixon; and An Early Paleo-Indian Site Near Parkhill, Ontario, by Christopher Ellis and D. Brian Deller
David S. Brose

The 1997 Excavations at the Big Eddy Site (23CE426) in Southwest Missouri, edited by Neal H. Lopinot, Jack H. Ray, and Michael D. Connor
Gary Haynes

The 1999 Excavations at the Big Eddy Site (23CE426) in Southwest Missouri, edited by Neal H. Lopinot, Jack H. Ray, and Michael D. Connor
Gary Haynes

Exploring Coast Salish Prehistory: The Archaeology of San Juan Island, Julie K. Stein
Jeanne E. Arnold

Federal Planning and Historic Places: The Section 106 Process, by Thomas F. King
Michael D. Petraglia

Grasshopper Pueblo: A story of Archaeology and Ancient Life, by Jefferson Reid and Stephanie Whittlesey
Harry J. Shafer

Great House Communities Across the Chacoan Landscape, edited by John Kantner and Nancy M. Mahoney
Linda S. Cordell

A Historical Archaeology of the Ottoman Empire: Breaking New Ground, edited by Uzi Baram and Lynda Carroll
Effie F. Athanassopoulos

Interpretations of Native North American Life Material Contributions to Ethnohistory, edited by Michael S. Nassaney and Eric S. Johnson
Richard Veit

Iowa's Archaeological Past, by Lynn M. Alex
Donna C. Roper

Iron Technology in East Africa: Symbolism, Science, and Archaeology, by Peter R. Schmidt
Adria LaViolette

Kayasochi Kikawenow: Our Mother from Long Ago (An Early Cree Woman and Her Personal Belongings from Nagami Bay, Southern Indian Lake), by Kevin Brownlee and E. Leigh Syms
Alice B. Kehoe

Measuring the Flow of Time. The Works of James A. Ford 1935—1941, edited by Michael J. O'Brien and R. Lee Lyman
William J. Mayer-Oakes

The Wreck of the Belle, the Ruin of La Salle, by Robert W. Weddle; and The Art and Archaeology of Venetian Ships and Boats, by Lillian Ray Martin
Richard A. Gould