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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 66 Number 2 April 2001


An Integrative Approach to Mortuary Analysis: Social and Symbolic Dimensions of Chumash Burial Practices
Lynn H. Gamble, Phillip L. Walker, and Glenn S. Russell

Abandonment is Not as it Seems: An Approach to the Relationship between Site and Regional Abandonment
Margaret C. Nelson and Michelle Hegmon

Stone Raw Material Availability and Early Archaic Settlement in the Southeastern United States
I. Randolph Daniel, Jr.


Evidence for Late Paleoindian Ritual from the Caradoc Site (AfHj-104), Southwestern Ontario, Canada
D. Brian Deller and Christopher J. Ellis

Landscape Change and the Cultural Evolution of the Hohokam along the Middle Gila River and other River Valleys in South-Central Arizona
Michael R. Waters and John C. Ravesloot

A New Approach to Dating the League of the Iroquois
Robert D. Kuhn and Martha L. Sempowski

A Zooarchaeological Signature for Meat Storage: Rethinking the Drying Utility Index
T. Max Friesen

Estimating the Minimum Number of Skeletal Elements (MNE) in Zooarchaeology: A Review and a New Image-Analysis GIS Approach
Curtis W. Marean, Yoshiko Abe, Peter Nilssen, and Elizabeth Stone


Synergy Through Disunity, Science as Social Practice: Comments on VanPool and VanPool
Scott R. Hutson

On the VanPools' "Scientific" Postprocessualism
Philip J. Arnold III and Brian S. Wilkens

Postprocessualism and the Nature of Science: A Response to Comments by Hutson and Arnold and Wilkens
Todd L. VanPool and Christine S. VanPool


Archaeological Theory: An Introduction, by Matthew Johnson
Susan D. Gillespie

Architecture et Société Néolithique: L'unité et la Variance de la Maison Danubienne, by Anick Coudart
Ksenija Borojevic

Dictionary of the Ancient Near East, edited by Piotr Bienkowski and Alan Milliard; and Encyclopedic Dictionary of Archaeology, compiled by Barbara Ann Kipfer
Mark Blackham

The Ethics of Collecting Cultural Property: Whose Culture? Whose Property?, edited by Phyllis Mauch Messenger
Nan A. Rothschild

Exploration of the Etowah Site in Georgia: The Etowah Papers, edited by Warren King Moorehead
Gerald F. Schroedl

Human Impact on Ancient Environments, by Charles L. Redman
Katina T. Lillios

Neanderthals and Modern Humans in Western Asia, edited by Takeru Akazawa, Kenichi Aoki, and Ofer Bar-Yosef
Richard Cosgrove