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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 65 Number 4 October 2000


Capta and Data: On the True Nature of Archaeological Information
Christopher Chippindale


Conceptual Metaphor in the Archaeological Record: Methods and an Example from the American Southwest
Scott G. Ortman

Society and Technological Control: A Critical Review of Models of Technological Change in Ceramic Studies
Mary Beth D. Trubitt


Chronometers and Units in Early Archaeology and Paleontology
R. Lee Lyman and Michael J. O'Brien

On Equifinality in Faunal Assemblages
Alan R. Rogers

The Quantification Problem in Stone Tool Assemblages
Michael J. Shott

Understanding Observer Variation when Recording Stone Artifacts
Denis Gnaden and Simon Holdaway

Late Prehistoric Petroleum Collection in Pennsylvania: Radiocarbon Evidence
Karen A. Selsor, Richard R. Burky, Donna L. Kirner, Judith E. Thomas, John R. Southon, and R. E. Taylor


Weighing and Counting Shell: A Response to Glassow and Claassen
Roger D. Mason, Mark L. Peterson, and J. A. Tiffany

Reviews and Book Notes

Ancient Mesopotamia, by Susan Pollock
Frank Hole

Ants for Breakfast: Archaeological Adventures among the Kalinga, by James Skibo
Nicholas David

The Archaeological Process: An Introduction, by Ian Hodder
Cornelius Holtorf

Clovis Blade Technology, by Michael Collins
Michael Shott

Cognition and Material Culture: The Archaeology of Symbolic Storage, edited by Colin Renfrew and Chris Scarre
Michelle Hegmon

Creativity in Human Evolution and Prehistory, edited by T. Steven Mithen
Marcia-Anne Dobres

Current Northeast Paleoethnobotany, edited by John P. Hart
James B. Petersen

Feast of the Dead: Aboriginal Ossuaries in Maryland, by Dennis C. Curry
Debra Gold

Folsom Lithic Technology: Explorations in Structure and Variation, edited by Daniel S. Amick
Robert R. Musil

Hanamiai: Prehistoric Colonization and Cultural Change in the Marquesas Islands (East Polynesia), by Barry Vladimir
Mark W. Allen

The Hillside Site, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska: An Examination of Collections from the 1930s, by Don E. Dumond
Peter Whitridge

Historical Archaeologies of Capitalism, edited by Mark P. Leone and Parker B. Potter Jr.
Dean Saitta

The Land of Prehistory: A Critical History of American Archaeology, by Alice Beck Kehoe
Bruce G. Trigger

Landscape Transformation and the Archaeology of Impact: Social Disruption and State Formation in Southern Africa, by Warren R. Perry
Haskel J. Greenfield

The Material Life of Human Beings: Artifacts, Behavior, and Communication, by Michael Brian Schiffer with Andrea R. Miller
Jack Rossen

The Palaeolithic Societies of Europe, by Clive Gamble
Shannon P. McPherron

Reading The Body: Representations and Remains in the Archaeological Record, edited by Alison E. Rautman
Silvia Tomaskova

Seriation, Stratigraphy, and Index Fossils: The Backbone of Archaeological Dating, by Michael J. O'Brien and R. Lee Lyman
R. E. Taylor

Time Before History: The Archaeology of North Carolina, by H. Trawick Ward and R. P. Stephen Davis Jr.
Janet E. Levy