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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 64 Number 3 July 1999


Public Opinion and Archaeological Heritage: Views from Outside the Profession
David Pokotylo and Neil Guppy

Gender and the Early Cultivation of Gourds in Eastern North America
Gayle J. Fritz


The Systematic Use of Radiocarbon Dating in Archaeological Surveys in Coastal and Other Erosional Environments
Jon M. Erlandson and Madonna L. Moss

AMS Radiocarbon Dating of the Type Plainview and Firstview (Paleoindian) Assemblages: The Agony and the Ecstasy
Vance T. Holliday, Eileen Johnson, and Thomas W. Stafford Jr.

Radiocarbon Analyses of Modem Organics at Monte Verde, Chile: No Evidence for a Local Reservoir Effect
R.E. Taylor, C. Vance Haynes Jr., Donna L. Kirner, and John R. Southon

Space Syntax Analysis at the Chacoan Outlier of Guadalupe
Ruth M. Van Dyke

Refocusing the Role of Food-Grinding Tools as Correlates for Subsistence Strategies in the U.S. Southwest
Jenny L. Adams

Maize Productivity in the Eastern Woodlands and Great Plains of North America
Sissel Schroeder

Geochemical Analysis of Eight Red Ochres from Western North America
Jon M. Erlandson, J.D. Robertson, and Christophe Descantes

Necroevolution and the Skeletal Traits of a Middle Archaic Burial
Marjorie Brooks Lovvorn, George W. Gill, Gayle F. Carlson, John R. Bozell, and Terry L. Steinacher

Reviews and Book Notes Reviews

Sociocultural Evolution, by Bruce G. Trigger
Geoffrey A. Clark

The Archaeology of Social Boundaries, edited by Miriam T. Stark
Claire McHale Milner

As the World Warmed: Human Adaptations across the Pleistocene/Holocene Boundary, edited by B.V. Eriksen and L.G. Straus
Charles Schweger

Star Carr in Context, by Paul Mellars and Petra Dark
Brian Fagan

Continent of Hunter-Gatherers: New Perspectives in Australian Prehistory, by Harry Lourandos
Harry Allen

The Origins of Native Americans: Evidence from Anthropological Genetics, by Michael H. Crawford
Theodore G. Schurr

A View from the Core: A Synthesis of Ohio Hopewell Archaeology, edited by Paul J. Pacheco
Katharine A. Spielmann

Hopewell in Mt. Vernon: A Study of the Mt. Vernon Site (12-PO-885), edited by the General Electric Company
Bret J. Ruby

The Archaeology of Colorado, by E. Steve Cassells
Mark D. Varien

Archaeological Chronometry: Radiocarbon and Tree-Ring Models and Applications from Black Mesa, Arizona, by Francis E. Smiley and Richard V.N. Ahlstrom
Gary M. Brown

Amérindiens du Sinnamary (Guyane): Archéologie en forêt équatoriale, by Stéphane Vacher, Sylview Jérémie, and Jérôme Briand
Renato Kipnis

Pottery Ethnoarchaeology in the Central Maya Highlands, by Michael Deal
Richard A. Krause

Archaeological Obsidian Studies: Method and Theory, edited by M. Steven Shackley
J. Andrew Darling

Projectile Technology, edited by Heidi Knecht
Barbara Roth

Book Notes

Reader in Archaeological Theory: Postprocessual and Cognitive Approaches, edited by David S. Whitley
Uzi Baram

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Paleopathology by Arthur C. Auferhede and Conrado Rodriguez-Martin, including a dental chapter by Odin Langsjoen
Kathy Taylor

The Desert's Past: A Natural Prehistory of the Great Basin, by Donald K. Grayson
Joan Brenner Coltrain

Île Morrison: Lieu sacrêet atelier de l'Archaïque dans l'Outaouais, by Norman Clermont and Claude Chapdelaine
Mima Kapches