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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 63 Number 3 July 1998


Tepimans, Yumans, and Other Hohokam
David Leedom Shaul and Jane H. Hill

Regional Variation in the Pattern of Maize Adoption and Use in Florida and Georgia
Dale L. Hutchinson, Clark Spencer Larsen, Margaret J. Schoeninger, and Lynette Norr

The Archaeology of Interaction: Views from Artifact Style and Material Exchange in Dorset Society
Daniel Odess


The Buhl Burial: A Paleoindian Woman from Southern Idaho
Thomas J. Green, Bruce Cochran, Todd W. Fenton, James C. Woods, Gene L. Titmus, Larry Tieszen, Mary Anne Davis, and Susanne J. Miller

New Evidence for Late Paleoindian-Early Archaic Subsistence Behavior in the Western Great Lakes
Steven R. Kuehn

Analysis of Ceramic Color by Spectral Reflectance
Marco Giardino, Richard Miller, Rachel Kuzio, and Dean Muirhead


Basic Incompatibilities between Evolutionary and Behavioral Archaeology
Michael J. O'Brien, R. Lee Lyman, and Robert D. Leonard


Contemporary Archaeology in Theory: A Reader, edited by Robert W. Preucel and Ian Hodder
Patty Jo Watson

Foundations of Social Inequality, edited by T. Douglas Price and Gary M. Feinman
John E. Clark

Presenting Archaeology to the Public: Digging for Truths, edited by John H. Jameson, Jr.
Kenneth L. Feder

Principles of Geoarchaeology: A North American Perspective, by Michael R. Waters
Susan C. Mulholland

Alluvial Geoarchaeology: Floodplain Archaeology and Environmental Change, by A. G. Brown
Joe Alan Artz

Ancient Peoples of the American Southwest, by Stephen Plog
Kathryn Kamp

Cahokia and the Archaeology of Power, by Thomas E. Emerson
Brian M. Butler

The Archaeology of the Donner Party, by Donald L. Hardesty, with contributions by Michael Brodhead, Donald K. Grayson, Susan Lindström, and George L. Miller
Jeffrey R. Parsons

Diversity and Social Identity in Colonial Spanish America: Native American, African, and Hispanic Communities during the Middle Period, edited by Donna L. Ruhl and Kathleen Hoffman
Lynn Pietak

Modelling the Early Human Kind, edited by Paul Mellars and Kathleen Gibson
John P. Staeck

On the Surface: Catalhöyük 1993-95, edited by Ian Hodder
Susan M. Pollock

Les Derniers Chasseurs de Rennes du Monde Pyrénéen. L'Abri Dufaure: Un Gisement Tardiglaciaire en Gascogne, by Lawrence Guy Straus
Jan Simek

Encounters and Transformations: The Archaeology of Iberia in Transition, edited by Miriam S. Balmuth, Antonio Gilman, and Lourdes Prado-Torreira
Clay Mathers

A Prehistory of Sardinia 2300-500 B.C., by Gary S. Webster
John Robb

Villagers of the Maros: A Portrait of an Early Bronze Age Society, by John O'Shea
Kristian Kristiansen

Museums and Archaeology in West Africa, edited by Claude Daniel Ardouin
Ann Stahl

Snakes and Crocodiles: Power and Symbolism in Ancient Zimbabwe, by Thomas N. Huffman
James Denbow

Prehistoric Japan: New Perspectives on Insular East Asia, by Keiji Imamura
Peter Bleed

Prehistory of the Indo-Malaysian Archipelago, by Peter Bellwood
Jian Leng

Pottery in Rajasthan: Ethnoarchaeology in Two Indian Cities, by Carol Kramer
Dean E. Arnold

Book Notes

Economy and Society in Prehistoric Europe, by Andrew Sherratt
Janet E. Levy

The Caddo Nation, by Timothy K. Perttula
Patricia Galloway

American Material Culture: The Shape of the Field, by Ann Smart Martin and J. Ritchie Garrison
David Colin Crass

The Hernando de Soto Expedition: History, Historiogrpahy and Discovery in the Southeast, edited by Patricia Galloway
Sissel Schroeder