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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 62 Number 3 July 1997


Robert McCormick Adams: An Archaeological Biography
Norman Yoffee

Ethnoarchaeology of Subsistence Space and Gender: A Subarctic Dene Case
Hetty Jo Brumbach and Robert Jarvenpa

Gender and Ritual Space during the Pithouse to Pueblo Transition: Subterranean Mealing rooms in the North American Southwest
Jeannette L. Mobley-Tanaka

Production of San Juan Red Ware in the Northern Southwest: Insights into Regional Interaction in Early Puebloan Prehistory
Michelle Hegmon, James R. Allison, Hector Neff, and Michael D. Glascock

Middle Archaic Bone Pins: Evidence of Mid-Holocene Regional-Scale Social Groups in the Southern Midwest
Richard W. Jefferies


Problems in Radiocarbon Dating Human Remains from Arid Coastal Areas: An Example from the Cape Region of Baja California
J. Eldon Molto, Joe D. Stewart, and Paula J. Reimer

Two Newly Recognized Paleoindian Tool Types: Single- and Double-Scribe Compass Gravers and Coring Gravers
John Tomenchuk and Peter L. Storck

Additional Evidence for Early Cucurbit Use in the Northern Eastern Woodlands East of the Allegheny Front
John P. Hart and Nancy Asch Sidell

Medicine Birds and Mill Creek-Middle Mississipian Interaction: The Contents of Feature 8 at the Phipps Site (13CK21)
Richard L. Fishel


Regarding Pendejo Cave: Response to Chrisman et al.
Dena F. Dincauze

Reply to Dincauze
Donald Chrisman, Richard S. MacNeish, and Geoffrey Cunnar

How Many Epidermal Ridges per Linear Centimeter? Comments on Possible Pre-Clovis Human Friction Skin Prints from Pendejo Cave
Brian S. Shaffer and Barry W. Baker

Reply to Shaffer and Baker
Donald Chrisman


Political Structure and Change in the Prehistoric Southeastern United States, edited by John F. Scarry
Claudine Payne

Stone Tools and Mobility in the Illinois Valley: From Hunter-Gatherer Camps to Agricultural Villages, by George H. Odell
Robert P. Connolly

Fields of Victory: Vijayanagara and the Course of Intensification, by Kathleen D. Morrison
Jonathan Mark Kenoyer

Emergent Complexity: The Evolution of Intermediate Societies, edited by Jeanne E. Arnold
Elizabeth S. Chilton

Nationalism and Archaeology: Scottish Archaeological Forum, edited by John A. Atkinson, Iain Banks, and Jerry O'Sullivan, with a foreword by Neal Ascherson
Bettina Arnold

Statistics for Archaeologists: A Commonsense Approach, by Robert D. Drennan
Larry R. Kimball

New Methods, Old Problems: Geographic Information Systems in Modern Archaeological Research, edited by Herbert D. G. Maschner
William C. Smith

Case Studies in Environmental Archaeology, edited by Elizabeth J. Reitz, Lee A. Newsom, and Sylvia J. Scudder
Katherine M. Moore

The Spiro Ceremonial Center: The Archaeology of Arkansas Valley Caddoan Culture in Eastern Oklahoma, by James A. Brown, with a foreword by James B. Griffin
Frank Schambach

Of Caves and Shell Mounds, edited by Kenneth C. Carstens and Patty Jo Watson
Bonnie W. Styles

The Duckfoot Site, Volume 2: Archaeology of the House and Household, by Ricky R. Lightfoot
Thomas R. Rocek

The Historic Archaeology of Heritage Square, by Mark R. Hackbarth The Prehistoric Archaeology of Heritage Square T, by Kathleen Henderson Layers of History: The Archaeology of Heritage Square, by Kathy Henderson, Tobi Taylor, and Johna Hutira, with a foreword by Todd W. Bostwick
Michael K. Faught

The Archaeology of Navajo Origins, edited by Ronald H. Towner
Miranda Warburton

Human Evolution, Language and Mind: A Psychological and Archaeological Inquiry, by William Noble and Iain Davidson
Sue T. Parker

Book Notes

The Game Drives of Rocky Mountain National Park, by James B. Benedict
Robert Lee Sappington

Taking Charge: The Electric Automobile in America, by Michael Brian Schiffer
Suzanne M. Spencer-Wood

Skeleton Keys: An Introduction to Human Skeletal, Morphology, Development and Analysis, by Jeffrey H. Schwartz
Christine L. Hanson

Woodland and Mississippian Occupations at the Hayti Bypass Site, Pemiscot County, Missouri, edited by Michael D. Conner
Karen A. Atwell

A Most Indispensable Art: Native Fiber Industries from Eastern North America, edited by James B. Petersen
Claire McHale Milner