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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 62 Number 2 April 1997


Parasites, Porotic Hyperostosis, and the Implications of Changing Perspectives
Thomas D. Holland and Michael J. O'Brien

Unpacking the Discard Equation: Simulating the Accumulation of Artifacts in the Archaeological Record
Mark D. Varien and James M. Potter


Stone Tools, Politics and the Eighteenth-Century Chickasaws in Northeast Mississippi
Jay K. Johnson

The Social and Economic Contexts of Lithic Procurement: Obsidian from Classic-Period Hohokam Sites
Jane Peterson, Douglas Mitchell, and M. Steven Shackley

A Cutting-Date Estimation Technique for Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir Wood Specimens
Stephen E. Nash

Thule Winter Site Demography in the High Arctic
Robert W. Park

Applying Photogrammetric Mapping: A Case Study from Northern New Mexico
Winifred Creamer, Jonathan Haas, and Thomas Mann

Contexts of Cultural Change in Insular California
Jeanne E. Arnold, Roger H. Colten, and Scott Pletka

Medieval Climatic Anomaly and Punctuated Cultural Evolution in Coastal Southern California
L. Mark Raab and Daniel O. Larson


Bigger Boats, Crowded Creekbanks: Environmental Stresses in Perspective
Jeanne E. Arnold

Making Nature Answer to Interpretivism: Response to J. E. Arnold, R. H. Colten, and S. Pletka
L. Mark Raab and Katherine Bradford

Early Pottery in the Amazon: A Correction
Denis Williams

The Demise of the Alaka Initial Ceramic Phase Has Been Greatly Exaggerated: Response to D. Williams
Anna C. Roosevelt

Social Archaeology in Latin America?: Comments to T. C. Patterson
Augusto Oyuela-Caycedo, Armando Anaya, Carlos G. Elera, and Lidio M. Valdez

A Reply to A. Oyuela-Caycedo, A. Anaya, C. G. Elera, and L. M. Valdez
Thomas C. Patterson


Archaeological Ethics, edited by Karen D. Vitelli
Mark J. Lynott

Behavioral Archaeology: First Principles, by Michael Brian Schiffer
Aubrey Cannon

Civilizations and World Systems: Studying World-Historical Change, edited by Stephen K. Sanderson
Christopher Edens

Regional Approaches to Mortuary Analysis, edited by Lane Anderson Beck
Janet E. Richards

The Emergence of Pottery: Technology and Innovation in Ancient Societies, edited by William K. Barnett and John W. Hoopes
Judith A. Habicht-Mauche

Perceiving Rock Art: Social and Political Perspectives, edited by Knut Helskog and Bj rnar Olsen
Justin R. Hyland

The Archaeology of the African Diaspora in the Americas, by Theresa A. Singleton and Mark D. Bograd
Kenneth G. Kelly

A History of the Native People of Canada. Vol. 1 (10,000-1000 B.C.), by J. V. Wright
Roy L. Carlson

Early Human Occupation in British Columbia, edited by Roy L. Carlson and Luke Dalla Bona
Charles M. Mobley

Prehistory of the Central Mississippi Valley, edited by Charles H. McNutt
Janet Ford

Book Notes

On the Track of a Prehistoric Economy: Maglemosian Subsistence in Early Postglacial South Scandinavia, by Hans Peter Blankholm
Dixie West

The True History of Chocolate, by Sophie D. Coe and Michael D. Coe
John R. Alden

The Culture and Technology of African Iron Production, edited by Peter R. Schmidt
Francois J. Kense

The Cambridge Illustrated History of Archaeology, edited by Paul G. Bahn
Brian Fagan

Advances in Texas Archeology: Contributions from Cultural Resource Management, edited by James E. Bruseth and Timothy K. Pertulla
John A. Peterson

Archaeological Pottery of Colorado: Ceramic Clues to the Prehistoric and Protohistoric Lives of the State's Native Peoples, by Robert H. Brunswig, Jr., Bruce Bradley, and Susan M. Chandler
Patricia Dean