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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 62 Number 1 January 1997


Power, Labor, and the Dynamics of Change in Chacoan Political Economy
Dean J. Saitta

The Explanation of Artifact Variability
Michael Brian Schiffer and James M. Skibo

The Plateau Interaction Sphere and Late Prehistoric Cultural Complexity
Brian Hayden and Rick Schulting

Stones and Shafts Redux: The Metric Discrimination of Chipped-Stone Dart and Arrow Points
Michael J. Shott


Botanical Signatures of Water Storage Duration in a Hohokam Reservoir
James M. Bayman, Manuel R. Palacios-Fest, and Lisa W. Huckell

Dating the Entry of Corn (Zea mays) into the Lower Great Lakes Region
Gary W. Crawford, David G. Smith, and Vandy E. Bowyer


Cation-Ratio Dating and Archaeological Research Design: Response to Harry
Douglas B. Bamforth

Reply to Bamforth
Karen G. Harry

Reevaluation of the Identification of Ancient Maize Pollen from Alabama
Mary Eubanks

Identification of Maize Pollen: Reply to Eubanks
Miriam L. Fearn and Kam-biu Liu


Nationalism, Politics, and the Practice of Archaeology, edited by Philip L. Kohl and Clare Fawcett
Reinhard Bernbeck

The Aim of Laboratory Analyses of Ceramics in Archaeology, edited by Anders Lindahl and Ole Stilborg
James M. Skibo

Archaeological Laboratory Methods: An Introduction, by Mark Q. Sutton and Brooke S. Arkush
Alison E. Rautman

Archaeological Chemistry, by A. Mark Pollard and Carl Heron
Hector Neff

Early Metal Mining and Production, by Paul T. Craddock
Dorothy Hosler

A New Deal for Southeastern Archaeology, by Edwin A. Lyon
Kit W. Wesler

Chesapeake Prehistory: Old Traditions, New Directions, by Richard J. Dent, Jr.
L. Dan Mouer

Prehistoric Farmers of the Susquehanna Valley: Clemson Island Culture and the St. Anthony Site, by R. Michael Stewart
David R. Bush

Great Lakes Archaeology and Paleoecology: Exploring Interdisciplinary Initiatives for the Nineties, edited by Robert I. MacDonald
Kathryn C. Egan

Beyond Subsistence: Plains Archaeology and the Postprocessual Critique, edited by Philip Duke and Michael C. Wilson
J. Daniel Rogers

Archeological Investigations at the Loma Sandia Site (41LK28): A Prehistoric Cemetery and Campsite in Live Oak County, Texas, by Anna Jean Taylor and Cheryl Lynn Highley
Leland C. Bement

Early Hunter-Gatherers of the California Coast, by Jon M. Erlandson
Terry Jones

The Archaeology of Spanish and Mexican Colonialism in the American Southwest, compiled by James E. Ayres
David Snow

A Historical Archaeology of the Modern World, by Charles E. Orser, Jr.
Kathleen Deagan

The Middle Paleolithic Site of Combe-Capelle Bas (France), edited by Harold Dibble and Michel Lenoir
Anna Backer

The Neanderthal Legacy: An Archaeological Perspective of Western Europe, by Paul Mellars
Bruce Hardy

Mousterian Lithic Technology: An Ecological Perspective, by Steven L. Kuhn
Shannon P. McPherron

Subsistence and Stone Tool Technology: An Old World Perspective, by Bradley J. Vierra
Lynn E. Fisher

Society, Culture and Technology in Africa, edited by S. Terry Childs
Rachel MacLean

A Mediterranean Valley: Landscape Archaeology and Annales History in the Biferno Valley, by Graeme Barker • The Biferno Valley Survey: The Archaeological and Geomorphological Record, edited by Graeme Barker
R. Bruce Hitchner

Book Notes

Traditional Beluga Drives of the Iñupiat of Kotzebue Sound, Alaska, by Charles V. Lucier and James W. Vanstone
Ben Fitzhugh

Le Paléolithique Moyen dans le Nord du Sénonoais (Yonne), by Valerie Deloze, Pascal Depaepe, Jean-Marc Gouedo, Vincent Krier, and Jean-Luc Locht
James G. Enloe

Archaeology of the Mississippian Culture: A Research Guide, by Peter N. Peregrine
Sissel Schroeder

An Analysis of Variability and Condition of Cavate Structures in Bandelier National Monument, by H. Wolcott Toll
Tammy Stone

Rock Art Studies in the Americas: Papers from the Darwin Rock Art Congress, edited by Jack Steinbring
Polly Schaafsma

Great Excavations: Tales of Early Southwestern Archaeology, 1888-1939, by Melinda Elliott
David R. Abbott

The Cummins Site Complex and Paleoindian Occupations in the Northwestern Lake Superior Region, by Patrick J. Julig
Christopher Ellis

Huron Paleoethnobotany, by Stephen G. Monckton
Annette G. Erickson

Le Paléolithique Supérieur de l'Abri Pataud (Dordogne): Les Fouilles de H. L. Movius, Jr., by Harry M. Bricker
Robert Whallon