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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 61 Number 2 April 1996


Although They Have Petty Captains, They Obey Them Badly: The Dialectics of Prehispanic Western Pueblo Social Organization
Randall H. McGuire and Dean J. Saitta

Risk, Climatic Variability, and the Study of Southwestern Prehistory: An Evolutionary Perspective
Daniel O. Larson, Hector Neff, Donald A. Graybill, Joel Michaelsen, and Elizabeth Ambos

Mortars, Pestles, and Division of Labor in Prehistoric California: A View from Big Sur
Terry L. Jones


James Allen Lancaster 1894-1992
W. James Judge

Frederick Johnson 1904-1994
Richard S. MacNeish

Hannah Marie Wormington 1914-1994
Dennis Stanford

John Gerard Witthoft 1921-1993
John L. Cotter

Donald Ward Lathrap 1927-1990
Ronald L. Weber

Daniel Wolfman 1939-1994
Polly Schaafsma and Curtis Schaafsma


The Chaco Wood Project: The Chronometric Reappraisal of Pueblo Bonito
Thomas C. Windes and Dabney Ford

Early Cultigens from Fresnal Shelter, Southeastern New Mexico
Martyn D. Tagg

Production of Prehistoric Southwestern Ceramics: A Low-Tech Approach
Yasushi Kojo

The World's Longest-Lived Corporate Group: Lithic Analysis Reveals Prehistoric Social Organization near Lillooet, British Columbia
Brian Hayden, Edward Bakewell, and Rob Gargett

Late Pleistocene Human Friction Skin Prints from Pendejo Cave, New Mexico
Donald Chrisman, Richard S. MacNeish, Jamshed Mavalwala, and Howard Savage

Notched Tool Reuse and Raw Material Availability in French Middle Paleolithic Sites
Simon Holdaway, Shannon McPherron, and Barbara Roth


An Assessment of the Acid-Extraction Approach to Compositional Characterization of Archaeological Ceramics
Hector Neff, Michael D. Glascock, Ronald L. Bishop, and M. James Blackman

A Pot Is Not a Rock: A Reply to Neff, Glascock, Bishop, and Blackman
James H. Burton and Arleyn W. Simon

Comments on the Impacts of Climatic Variability and Population Growth on Virgin Anasazi Cultural Development
James R. Allison


Evolutionary Archaeology. Methodological Issues, by Patrice A. Teltser
Michael Rosenberg

Equity Issues for Women in Archaeology, edited by Margaret C. Nelson, Sarah M. Nelson, and Alison Wylie
Cheryl Claassen

Those of Little Note: Gender, Race and Class in Historical Archaeology, edited by Elizabeth M. Scott
Julia A. King

The Archaeology of Rank, by Paul K. Wason
Gary M. Feinman

Astronomies and Cultures, edited by Clive L. N. Ruggles and Nicholas J. Saunders
E. C. Krupp

Across the West. Human Population Movement and the Expansion of the Numa, edited by David B. Madsen and David Rhode
Michael Delacourt

Accidental Archaeologist, by Jesse D. Jennings, with a foreword by C. Melvin Aikens
Margaret M. Lyneis

Natural History of the Colorado Plateau and Great Basin, edited by Kimball T. Harper, Larry L. St. Clair, Kaye H. Thorne, and Wilford M. Hess
David Rhode

Current Research in Phytolith Analysis: Applications in Archaeology and Paleoecology, edited by Deborah M. Pearsall and Dolores R. Piperno
Irwin Rovner

Late Quaternary Chronology and Paleoclimates of the Eastern Mediterranean, edited by Ofer Bar-Yosef and Renee S. Kra
Arlene Miller Rosen

Methods in the Mediterranean. Historical and Archaeological Views on Texts and Archaeology, edited by David B. Small
J. D. Muhly

Chiefdoms and Early States in the Near East: The Organizational Dynamics of Complexity, edited by Gil Stein and Mitchell S. Rothman
Norman Yoffee

The Ascent of Chiefs: Cahokia and Mississippian Politics in Native North America, by Timothy R. Pauketat
Mark W. Mehrer

The Savannah River Chiefdoms. Political Change in the Late Prehistoric Southeast, by David G. Anderson
Mary W. Helms

The Forgotten Centuries: Indians and Europeans in the American South. 1521-1704, edited by Charles Hudson and Carmen Chaves Tesser
Ann M. Early

Function and Technology of Anasazi Ceramics from Black Mesa, Arizona, edited by Marion F. Smith, Jr
Eric Blinman

Modeling Prehistoric Agricultural Productivity in Southwestern Colorado: A GIS Approach, by Carla R. Van West
Andrea A. Hunter