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 American Antiquity Minimize

Volume 60 Number 2 April 1995


Culture Contact Studies: Redefining the Relationship between Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology
Kent G. Lightfoot

Sedentarization and Agricultural Dependence: Perspectives from the Pithouse-to-Pueblo Transition in the American Southwest
Thomas R. Rocek

Autonomy and Regional Systems in the Late Prehistoric Southern Southwest
John E. Douglas

Paleoclimate and the Potential Food Reserves of Mississippian Societies: A Case Study from the Savannah River Valley
David G. Anderson, David W. Stahle, and Malcolm K. Cleaveland


Return to Little Harbor, Santa Catalina Island, California: A Critique of the Marine Paleotemperature Model
L. Mark Raab, Katherine Bradford, Judith F. Porcasi, and William J. Howard

Early Holocene Basketry and Cordage from Daisy Cave, San Miguel Island, California
Thomas J. Connolly, Jon M. Erlandson, and Susan E. Norris

Accurately Estimating Vessel Volume from Profile Illustrations
Louise M. Senior and Dunbar P. Birnie III

Stable Isotope Evidence for Maize Horticulture and Paleodiet in Southern Ontario, Canada
M. Anne Katzenberg, Henry P. Schwarcz, Martin Knyf, and F. Jerome Melbye

The Late Woodland Diet on Nantucket Island and the Problem of Maize in Coastal New England
Elizabeth A. Little and Margaret J. Schoeninger