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Final Report on "Renewing Our National Archaeological Program"

The primary goal of the conference was to develop an implementation plan for some or all of the recommendations developed by the 1996 Renewing Conference. The 1997 conference started by reviewing the 1996 Conference Report, in light of the comments received at the open forum held to discuss it at the 1996 SAA meetings in New Orleans, and in letters and other communications sent directly to Bill Lipe. [The report and a summary of these comments were published in SAA Bulletin 14(4)]. After general discussion, smaller working groups were formed to develop specific implementation recommendations for five groups of issues. These working groups circulated drafts of their recommendations, and the full group then reconvened to discuss them. Comments made in open discussion were incorporated into the final drafts of the implementation plans, which are presented below.

Final Report on "Renewing Our National Archaeological Program" December, 2000

Report on "Renewing Our National Archaeological Program" February, 1997 (PDF file)