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 Distinguished Service Award Minimize

Presented annually to a member for specific accomplishments that are truly extraordinary, widely recognized as such, and of a positive and lasting quality. Recognition can be granted in a wide range of areas relating to archaeology. First awarded in 1975, SAA decided in 1980 to make the award annual.

(Succeeded by the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001)

The awardees have been:

1975     Carl Haley Chapman, Charles Robert McGimsey III
1980    Gordon Randolph Willey
1981    Albert Clanton Spaulding
1982    Jesse David Jennings
1983    Hannah Marie Wormington
1984    James Bennett Griffin
1985    Emil Walter Haury
1986    Waldo R. Wedel
1987    William A. Ritchie
1988     Richard B. Woodbury, Nathalie F. S. Woodbury
1989    George Irving Quimby
1990    Fred Wendorf
1991    Douglas Schwartz
1992    John E. Yellen
1993    George J. Gumerman
1994    Hester A. Davis
1995    Stuart Struever
1996    Robert McCormick Adams
1997    Dena Dincauze
1998    Raymond H. Thompson
1999    James A. Brown
2000    William D. Lipe