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 — Crabtree Award —

Current Committee Charge: The committee solicits nominations and selects recipients for the Crabtree Award. The award, given in remembrance of Don Crabtree, is annually presented to an outstanding avocational archaeologist.

Committee Composition: Committee composition is one chair and at least four members.

Term Length: Term length is three years. Individuals ending their terms cycle off the committee at the close of the Business Meeting held during the annual SAA Meeting, and new appointees begin their terms at this time.

Award Cycle: Not applicable.

Committee Chair and End of Term: Bonnie Pitblado [2015]

*Committee Chair Contact Information: Bonnie Pitblado, Anthropology Department, University of Oklahoma, 455 West Lindsey, Dale Hall Tower 521, Norman, OK 73019, Tel: 405-325-2490, Email: bonnie.pitblado@ou.edu

Committee Members and Ends of Terms: Marlin F. Hawley [2017], Stephen E. Nash [2017], Christopher D. Noll [2017], Tim Perttula [2015]

Committee on Awards Chair: Heather A. Lapham [2015]

Board Liaison to Award Committees: Suzanne K. Fish [2015]

*Award Description: The SAA presents the Crabtree Award annually to an outstanding avocational archaeologist in remembrance of the singular contributions of Don Crabtree. Nominees should have made significant contributions to advance understandings of local, regional, or national archaeology through excavation, research, publication, site or collections preservation, collaboration with the professional community, and/or public outreach.

*Who Is Eligible to Submit Nominations or Apply for the Award: Anyone may submit a nomination. The committee does not accept self-nominations. Awardees may be members or non-members of the SAA.

*Nomination/Submission Materials Required: Nominators should submit a current curriculum vita, a letter of nomination, and letters of support.

*Nomination/Submission Deadline: January 3, 2015

Other Special Requirements: None

Selection or Evaluation Criteria: The Crabtree Award Committee evaluates nominations based on the evidence for significant contributions to advance understandings of local, regional, or national archaeology through excavation, research, publication, site or collections preservation, collaboration with the professional community, and/or public outreach.

Committee Deliberation Process (e.g. dates, venue): The committee reads and evaluates all nominations after the submission date. The committee chair takes an email vote before the end of January, and an awardee is selected through a simple majority vote. The chair then prepares the award texts for the SAA Awards Committee.

Nature of Award (e.g. monetary, medal, symposium): The awardee is recognized by the SAA through a plaque presented during the business meeting held at the Annual Meeting, a citation in The SAA Archaeological Record, and acknowledgment on the awards page of the SAA Website.


2014    Francis H. "Frankie" Snow

Frankie Snow has earned the 2014 Crabtree Award for his history of intellectual contributions to the archaeology of the Georgia Coastal Plain. Although not formally trained in archaeology, Mr. Snow’s interest began early and developed under the guidance of Dr. Chris Trowel, a geographer at South Georgia College. Beginning in the 1960’s, Mr. Snow spent his free time conducting archaeological field and lab work—particularly at threatened sites—in the local region. He also developed expertise on the elaborately carved wooden paddle-stamped designs of Woodland Era Swift Creek pottery, and is now a recognized authority on the subject. During his avocational career to date, Mr. Snow has published 30 articles, presented 40 professional papers, given hundreds of public presentations, and nurtured both avocational and professional archaeologists. He has received several previous awards for his contributions to Georgia archaeology, and his career embodies the characteristics that SAA’s Crabtree Award recognizes nationally.

2013    Edward and Diane Stasack

Edward and Diane Stasack are role models for avocational archaeologists dedicated to serving archaeology and the public. Like Don Crabtree, they have been drawn to a particular material aspect of the past, in this case rock art, and through their enthusiasm for this class of material, they have expanded the realm of what we know. The Stasacks have been recording rock art in Hawai’i and Arizona for several decades, producing more than 50 reports, publications, and presentations on more than 80 sites. This massive effort continues today. They introduced many new methodologies for recording rock art in Hawai’i, and their inventories include not just images but the microenvironments in which the petroglyphs were placed, rises and depressions, cracks, and viewscapes for each petroglyph. The Stasacks have trained students, volunteers, and staff at various institutions in their methods. The enormous database that they have assembled informs their own research and will inform that of others in the future.

2012    John T. Dowd

John T. Dowd is a well-known and respected avocational archaeologist whose archaeological activities began in the 1960s and continue today. He has personally recorded 90 sites in 66 Tennessee counties, but he is particularly regarded for his publications on Middle Archaic and Mississippian sites in middle Tennessee, especially his monograph on the Anderson site. He has consistently published the results of his field investigations and continues these efforts today with two recent publications and another forthcoming in the e-journal Tennessee Archaeology. Mr. Dowd has spent most of his life developing archaeological skills and encouraging avocational archaeologists to thoroughly document their work. He has served as a founder, active member, contributor, and officer in many Middle Tennessee archaeological organizations, and he has regularly presented archaeological programs to local groups. Mr. Dowd stands as an exemplary model for the best kind of avocational archaeologist and is fully deserving of the Crabtree award.

2011    George Poetschat

George Poetschat has earned the SAA’s Crabtree Award for his outstanding focus on archaeology as an avocationalist. He has not only participated in archaeology, but he has also done archaeological research, published the results, and reached out to the public to engage their interest in the subject. In addition to his participation in 80 plus projects over more than two decades, Mr. Poetschat has authored or coauthored more than 35 publications in professional journals and monograph series. He was a founding member of the Oregon Archaeological Society (OAS) training program and has helped develop and conduct both the OAS’s “Basic Training in Archaeology” and the “Rock Art Recording” classes from 1993 to present. As an OAS training program leader, he has taught archaeology to students every year since 1991 in both museum and public school venues. Mr. Poetschat has provided admirable service to the field of archaeology as an avocationalist.

2010    Larry Kinsella

2009    Leslie Paul Tanner

2007    Jay C. Blaine

2006    Karl Herbert Mayer

2005    Eugene C. Winter Jr.

2004    Robert Patten

2003    Dr. Guillermo Mata Amado

2002    Richard A. Bice

2001    John D. "Jack" Holland

2000    Richard P. Mason

1999    Gene L. Titmus

1998    Reca Jones

1997    Sidney Merrick Wheeler (posthumous) and Georgia Nancy Wheeler Felts

1996    James H. Word

1995    Jeff Carskadden

1994    Leland W. Patterson

1993    Mary Elizabeth Good

1992    Stuart W. Conner

1991    James Pendergast

1990    Ben C. McCary

1989    J. B. Sollberger

1988    Julian Dodge Hayden

1987    Leonard W. Blake

1985    Clarence H. Webb, MD