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 SAA 7.5 Film Fest

A special 7.5 Film Fest was held at this year's 75th Anniversary Meeting in St. Louis, MO!  The top film entries were shown at the Film Fest, each approximately 7.5 minutes in length, in a special viewing area of Exhibit Hall 1 on Friday, April 16th. 

And the awards go to (listed in no particular order):

Helluva Way to Treat a Soldier – Thomas Lincoln, Robert Aukerman, & Blake Miller
The 78th Street Archaeological Site
– Joseph Craig & Jason Rein
– Bonnie J. Clark & Kristal Griffith
Visit with Respect
– Victoria Atkins, Margie Connolly, Shirley Powell, & Chris Simon – Sageland Media

Filmmaker T-Shirt Pick Up:
T-shirts will be available for pick up on-site in St. Louis at the SAA Staff Office, Room 200 of the America's Center.  Only primary filmmakers/film submitters will be able to pick up the t-shirt.  If you would like someone to pick up the t-shirt on your behalf or if you are unable to pick up the t-shirt in St. Louis, please contact Meghan Tyler, meghan_tyler@saa.org.

Film Fest Viewing List:
Return to Endymion Rock – Dominique Rissolo & Liz Smith
Jenn & Kilian’s Excellent Adventure – Joanna Day
Helluva Way to Treat a Soldier – Thomas Lincoln, Robert Aukerman, & Blake Miller
Archaeology at the Hovey Lake Site – Cheryl Ann Munson & Thomas Zur Loye
Middle and Late Pleistocene Paleoscape Modeling Along the Southern Coast of South Africa – Erich C. Fisher, Curtis W. Marean, Miryam Bar-Mathews, & Antonieta Jerardino
Back in my Home Town: A Place for Archaeology – Ruth Tringham
Documental Proyecto Culto al Cenote – Guillermo De Anda Alaniz, Alfonso Cortina, & Guillermo Pruneda
Dr. Lawrus and Dr. Puleston Discuss Remote Sensing and Other Things; and the Investiture of the Midget King – Lawrence G. Desmond, Phyllis E. Messenger, Dennis E. Puleston, & Lewis “Skip” Messenger
The 78th Street Archaeological Site – Joseph Craig & Jason Rein
The Mound House – Center for American Archaeology, Dean Williams Productions, Mary Pirkl, & Deborah Antoine
Looking for Pieces of the Puzzle: Archaeological Excavations Near Sonora, California – Adrian Whitaker, Tammara Ekness Norton, D. Craig Young, & Wendy Masarweh
Excerpts from “Exploring the City of the Sun” iPod Touch Tour - Sponsored by the Cahokia Mounds Museum Society, Produced by Schwartz & Associates Creative, Funded by the State of Illinois Treasurer’s Office, and Submitted by Bill Iseminger
Amache – Bonnie J. Clark & Kristal Griffith
2009 Archaeology Field School – Southern Illinois University Edwardsville – Julie Zimmermann Holt & Cory Byers
In Their Own Light – Jeani Borchert, Terry Wiklund, Brian Wallner, & Lauren Lesmeister
Hopi Youth Return to Mesa Verde – Joelle Clark, George Gunnerman IV, & Geraldine Hongeva
In the Pit: Diary of an Archaeological Excavation- Taraco Archaeological Project 2003-2009 – Maria C. Bruno, Christine Hastorf, & Taraco Archaeological Project Members
Archaeogeophysics in Action: Recent Research at Battle Mound - Duncan McKinnon
Shot Glass – Chris Mundy & Anthony Burgos
The Antler House Village – Daniel Garcia, Toni Gentilli, Russell A. Chase, David Zimmerman, & Arizona Department of Transportation
Finding Ft. Gibson – Leland Bement, Andy Slaucitajs, & Bob Rea
Hoa Hakananaìa: There and Back Again – Britton Shepardson, Tupuna Here Pakarati Chavez, Victoria Pakarati Hotus, Tokerau Tea Nikol Hey Pakarati, Claudia Andrea Aguilar Castro, & Marta Paola Vigouroux Lopez
Pagu Va: Archaeology and Native American History at Fish Lake - Joel C. Janetski & David Nauta
Visit with Respect – Victoria Atkins, Margie Connolly, Shirley Powell, & Chris Simon – Sageland Media
Along the Mohawk – Dean Snow
Archaeologists Don’t Dig Dinosaurs – Andrea Elyse Messer
Old Frankfort Cemetery: A Special Excerpt Presentation – David Pollack, Tom Law, & A. Gwynn Henderson
Silent Stones of Inishark: Memories, Archaeology, & Landscape – Erica Kowsz, Kieran Concannon, Nathan Goodale, & Ian Kuijt
First Impressions – M. Gilles Tosello & Marc Azéma
Battleground: Mud Springs – Peter Bleed, Jerry Renaud, Melissa Connor, & Douglas Scott
Reconstructing China: The Virtual Western Han Dynasty – Maurizio Forte, Nicola Lercari, Paola Di Giuseppe Antonio Di Franco, Marco Valesi, & Fabrizio Galeazzi
Working with the Ek’ Balan Community: The Archaeological Preservation Project – Alejandra Alonso-Olvera, Patricia Meehan Hermanson, & David G. Martínez

Thank you to all of the 7.5 Film Fest submitters for the overwhelming number of entries we received!

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY FOR THEIR GENEROUS SUPPORT OF THE FILM FEST! National Geographic congratulates the SAA on its 75th birthday and extends best wishes for the next 75 years. National Geographic has supported archaeological research since 1912, with the first grant given to Hiram Bingham for the rediscovery and exploration of Machu Picchu. Over the past 98 years National Geographic has awarded 2,274 archaeology grants worth $36 million. The National Geographic Society is proud to support the SAA film fest as part of the 75th Anniversary celebration.